10 Best Japanese Instant Noodles

Best Japanese Instant Noodles

Searching for the best Japanese instant noodles ever?

Today, I have ranked the most epic Japanese instant noodles of all time!

Of course, the task of selecting the best Japanese instant noodles requires some ground rules, or there’d be edible anarchy. For specificity, the noodles are focused on brands.

Start slurping on this tasty list of the finest Japanese instant noodles ever!

Best Japanese Instant Noodles

In Japan, you can find different classes of instant noodles in konbini (convenience stores) and supermarkets.

In America, and worldwide, these Japanese instant noodles are also conveniently available online through retailers like Amazon.

1. Nissin Cup Noodles

Best Japanese Instant Noodles - Nissin Cup Noodles

Nissin Foods pioneered instant noodles in a cup. Founded in 1958, Nissin is one of the most well known Japanese instant noodle companies and the leading producer of instant noodles worldwide.

Chicken is one of Nissin’s most popular instant ramen flavors. But If you’re as obsessed with Japanese curry, the curry flavor of these Nissin Cup Noodles is a show stopper; it’s not spicy, but extremely aromatic and will definitely satisfy your curry craving.

Single servings are packaged in foam, plastic, or paper cups and are prepared by adding boiling water.

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2. Nongshim Shin Instant Ramen Noodles

Best Japanese Instant Noodles - Nongshim Shin Black

These are the best-selling instant noodles in Japan!

Fun Fact: The best-selling instant noodles in Japan (from Nongshim Shin) are actually a Korean import.

These instant noodles are spicy—enough to make your nose run a bit—and deeply savory in each bite.

There are dehydrated slices of carrots, mushrooms, green onions, and chili flakes in each pack that blossom in hot water while the noodles are bouncy and chewy.

The noodles are thin and soft and have a distinctive flavor that comes from the kansui (a type of alkaline mineral water).

The flavor comes from the broth which usually consists of beef or pork bone, dried anchovies and vegetables like green onions and garlic.

3. Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen

Best Japanese Instant Noodles -Sapporo Ichiban

One of the most popular instant ramen noodles in Japan. And probably one of the best brands of instant ramen out there.

These soft and chewy instant Japanese noodles have a quality broth with an authentic shio flavor.

I would recommend this Sapporo Ichiban shio flavor to anyone who likes the taste of authentic, rich shio ramen flavor.

It has a more natural chicken taste than other typical grocery store ramen. If you are sensitive to salt, add 2/3 of the seasoning.

4. Maruchan Akai Kitsune Instant Udon

Japanese Instant Noodles - Maruchan Akai Kitsune Instant Udon

Maruchan Akai Kitsune is the instant Udon bowl with the largest market share in Japan.

Kitsune is a quintessential Udon dish whose main topping is deep-fried tofu.

Maruchan’s instant Udon bowl is characterized by the big and juicy Aburaage that soaks up the flavor of the broth very well.

The soup is light soy sauce-based but packed with plenty of umami.

5. Myojo Bowl Flavored Instant Udon Noodles

Japanese Instant Noodles - Myojo Bowl Flavored Instant Udon Noodles

Nothing beats thick, chewy udon! These microwaveable instant udon noodles are absolutely foolproof and comes together in just three minutes!

You won’t be able to resist the beef flavored broth featuring freeze-dried veggies. This udon noodle soup bowl is way better than eating out. If you’ve ever wanted to try udon noodle soup in Tokyo, this is the next best thing!

6. Acecook Wakame Ramen Instant Noodle Soup with Seaweed

Are you a seaweed fan? Savory and bold, Wakame Seaweed flavored ramen is a Japanese inspired classic.

With noodles kneaded from the paste extracted from the seaweed into the dough; you’ll enjoy the this chewy instant noodle sensation.

Fun Fact: The noodles are baked, not fried. And the broth contains no added MSG or preservatives.

It’s refreshingly light in flavor with a good combination of sesame oil and soy sauce. It also contains a healthy portion of wakame seaweed.

It has a good balance of taste between soy sauce and sesame oil, and it contains a generous amount of wakame seaweed, which is super healthy.

7. Maruchan Gold – Soy Sauce Instant Ramen

Maruchan Gold’s soy sauce-flavored instant ramen—reminiscent of the ramen stalls in Tokyo where one can get a cozy bowl of ramen with the push of a button and a handful of yen.

The broth is light but delivered a savory richness and a bit of depth that was pretty tasty.

Overall, Maruchan Gold Soy Sauce instant ramen is an impressive bowl of ramen. And better than some ramen shops.

The soy sauce is salty without being abrasively so, and the flavors of garlic, ginger, and bonito shine through.

Plus, for being dehydrated and instant, the noodles are curly and spring back between each bite.

8. Boiling Point Wok Soba Noodles

These premium, instant soba noodles are legitimately perfect. Choose your own soba adventure. Add Boiling Point’s soup base. Then throw in veggies, a runny soft-boiled egg on top, meatballs, sprinkle on more sesame seeds.

Use whatever you have!

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9. Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba

This is the most beloved instant soba noodle in Japan. The delicate broth, crispy tempura, and chewy noodles are the real winners here. The konbu (seaweed) flavor is popular in Japan, partly due to the bonito stock with sansho pepper. Top with some bacon or and egg for extra protein.


  • Chewy, sturdy noodles
  • Quick, easy, and affordable


  • Not 100% buckwheat soba

10. Myojo Ippei-Chan Yakisoba Noodles

This yakisoba, or instant Japanese stir fried noodles, comes together in under five minutes but its gloriously rich and savory.

Japanese yakisoba fried noodles with their savoury yakisoba sauce, slices of pork, and diced cabbage all fried up on a big iron grill are a classic Japanese street food. 

The wheat flour noodles are sticky while the sauce, paired with a packet of creamy mayonnaise, coats each strand perfectly.

Spruce it up with slivers of bacon, cabbage, and pickled ginger if you want a fuller meal. 

It’s usually topped off with some diced pickles and drizzled with Kewpie mayonnaise to finish it off. 

This particular variety uses a spicy mayonnaise to give it a little extra kick.

11. Ichiran Tonkatsu Ramen

A high end Japanese Instant Noodle. The rich soup achieves a level of umami matched with rich flavor. Throw and egg and some some shredded cheese on top for extra protein.

This one also wins for classy package design that definitely gives you the sense you are eating something beyond the normal instant noodle grade.

12. Maruchan Tanuki Soba Instant Noodles

This is a must eat instant soba for those who love the flavor of katsuobushi. The noodles are a chewy and come together with a crunchy shrimp tempura that pairs well with the broth. Two katsuobushi broths are blended for a full-bodies soba noodle soup. It’s ready to eat.

13. Nissin Raoh, Tonkotsu Instant Ramen

The king of ramen (pronounced rah-oh) delivers restaurant-quality noodles in a rich and savory soup full of authentic umami. This tonkatsu ramen is popular on Amazon, partly due to the air-dried noodles that are steam-cooked (not fried).

Top with and egg, add some greens (like spinach), and garnish with scallions or your favorite herb.

14. Isoyama Shoji Instant Ramen

One of the spiciest Japanese instant noodles you’ll ever eat.

The ultra spicy Isoyama Shoji 18 Prohibited instant ramen from Japan.

It’s curry flavored and seriously spicy!

15. Acecook Creamy Tonkotsu Instant Ramen

Tonkotsu ramen is a pork broth instant noodle soup that is a flavorful, creamy, and smooth soup that continuously dominates the Japanese market.

Some consider Tonkotsu is the holy grail of ramen soups.

The “1.5 times” name of the product is based on the 1.5 times more increase in capacity of their cup which is originally from 60g to 90g.

The Tonkotsu is Acecook’s most popular flavor of instant noodles.

16. Maruchan Midori Tanuki Soba

You’ll love how tasty Midori Tanuki soba noodles are. Cooks in just 3 minutes! The broth has a savory soy sauce and green onion flavor. Adjust the level of spiciness by using little or all of the chili powder in the smaller seasoning packet. The buckwheat soba noodles are skinny and soft. It comes with a deep-fried tempura to balance out the meal.

17. Menma Kyoto (Yamadai)

One of the best cup of ramen instant noodles in Japan, according to Japanese people!

Yamadai, a company from Kyoto has its own chain of restaurants in Kyoto.

The restaurant wanted people to experience the taste of the ramen they serve in their restaurant chain; that’s why they created Menma Kyoto which is famous for its rich soy sauce made from actual pork bones.

It doesn’t contain a lot of MSGs like other cup noodles out there and relies on cayenne powder for that extra flavor. Every sip and bite will surely remind people of the Yamadai’s restaurant ramen.

18. Inosho Spicy Fish Ramen MAX Version II

The Karagara-gyo-ramen karagara max is a limited edition release of the popular instant noodles.

Karagara-gyo-ramen karagara max 2 is modeled after the original, but with new flavors.

These instant noodles come in three different varieties: curry, chili, and tomato.

19. Myojo Okinawa Soba Japanese Style Noodles

You’ll be blown away with how good these instant Okinawa soba noodles are. They’re hard to find in U.S. supermarkets, however they are available online through Pacific Mercantile Company. Kick it up a notch by topping with sesame seeds, scallions, sprouts, or your favorite soba noodle garnishes.

20. [OTTOGI] Sesame Flavor Ramen

Otto’s Sesame flavor ramen is a Korean-style instant noodle.

The noodles are thick and come in two different shapes: curly and straight.

Other ingredients include soy sauce, salt, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Ottagi’s cheesy ramen flavor is also a must try!

21. Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Spicy Instant Ramen

If you’ve wanted to try the taste of spicy Nakamoto mouko tanmen miso, you’ll love this instant ramen cup!

Fans love the aromatic broth, which is a perfect match for the chewy noodles.

22. Nissin Sumire Sapporo Noko Miso

This instant ramen is based on the recipe by Sumire, a famous ramen restaurant in Sapporo.

The miso broth is fragrant and tasty. The miso is grilled once to enhance its flavor.

It also has some sansho, a type of citrusy and spicy Japanese condiment.

Sumire’s ramen restaurant is known as one of the best in Hokkaido

23. Midori No Tanuki Tensoba

These instant soba noodles from Maruchan are made of buckwheat

Tensoba means tempura soba. The main garnish of this instant soba is a large piece of shrimp tempura. 

The buckwheat noodles are curly with the slightly sweet soy sauce-based broth packed with the umami from Katsuobushi bonito flakes.

The addition of the Shichimi Togarashi spice makes the Soba noodle a hit.

24. Nissin Kanda Matsuya Tori-Nanban Soba

These instant soba noodles feature bits of seasoned chicken and green onions as main toppings. “Tori (鶏)” means chicken in Japanese and “Nanban (南ばん) refers to green onions. The soba noodles have an amazing flavor, and are really good, naturally, you’ll be going back to this one on a regular basis. 

25. New Touch Nadai Fuji Soba Beni-Shoga Ten Soba

One thing is for sure, you will surely enjoy eating this instant soba noodle whether it is for an afternoon snack or light dinner. This one’s not too pricey and absolutely delightful.

26. Mukashinagara no Chuka Soba

The name “Mukashinagara no Chuka Soba” means, essentially, “old-fashioned ramen” which is exactly what this popular instant noodle product tries to recreate. The flavorful chicken and soy sauce broth are sooo good.

27. Maruchan Fire Bowl Spicy Instant Beef Ramen

If you’re tired of your usual instant ramen routine, mix things up with. Maruchan’s Fire Bowl Ramen.

These fiery ramen noodles are packed with flavor and feature a generous portion of high quality ramen noodles and delectable spices that delivers a spicy kick!

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Japanese Instant Noodle FAQs

When were instant noodles invented?

Instant noodles rose to fame about 60 years ago in Japan after the 2nd World War to feed the starving Japanese population. Instant noodles were launched by Momofuku Ando under the label name ‘Chickin Ramen.’ Over the years, instant noodles became a worldwide favorite comfort meal.

What are the types of Japanese noodles?

  • Soba noodles are made of buckwheat flour, roughly as thick as spaghetti, and prepared in various hot and cold dishes.
  • Ramen noodles are made from wheat, are much thinner and longer than udon.
  • Udon are thick Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. They are thicker than soba noodles, white and chewier.
  • Somen noodles are long, thin Japanese noodles. These slim white noodles are made from wheat flour, and stretched, rather than cut.
  • Hiyamugi are very thin dried Japanese noodles made of wheat. They are slightly thicker than somen.
  • Shirataki noodles are long, white noodles. They are often called miracle noodles or konjac noodles.
  • Harusame noodles are round or flat, thin rods that are generally 5 to 7 inches in length. They are also found as long, thin delicate noodles gathered in tight bundles. 

What do soba noodles taste like?

Japanese soba noodle have a distinctively nutty and earthy flavor. They’re hearty and slightly chewy. In the summertime, soba noodles are refreshing when served chilled with a dipping sauce or cold broth.

Is buckwheat a type of wheat?

Despite the name, buckwheat is not wheat. It’s technically a seed that’s harvested from a flowering plant related to rhubarb. Buckwheat is gluten-free and rich in fiber and several minerals.

What is yakisoba?

Yakisoba noodles are the same noodles used in ramen, a popular Japanese noodle soup. In some areas of Japan (mainly the Fukuoka Prefecture), yakisoba features thick, chewy udon noodles instead of wheat noodles (in a dish called yaki udon).

Japanese instant noodles are very popular generally because it’s easy to eat and can be eaten anywhere. Just add hot water or microwave. All the seasoning coms in packets in the cup/box. Japanese instant ramen are also popular due to the number of options to choose from.

What are the main types of Japanese ramen soup?

The three dominent flavors of Japanese ramen noodle soup include: Tonkotsu, Shoyu and Miso. All these variations offer unique tastes and textures.

  • Tonkotsu Ramen – Tonkotsu literally means “pork bone”. Tonkotsu broth is typically made by boiling pork bones for many hours. It tends to be a milkier, thicker broth than shoyu ramen.
  • Shoyu – Shoyu just means “soy sauce” so shoyu ramen is a soy based broth. It tends to be a lot “lighter”, less thick and saltier than tonkotsu.
  • Miso – This type of ramen broth is based on the same miso paste that is well known for its use in miso soup. Miso paste is made from the same soy (daizu in Japanese) bean as that which makes soy sauce.

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