12 Desserts That Start With X

Desserts That Start With X - Xangos

I went on an exhaustive journey to find desserts that start with the letter X.

There are more than I thought, some may not sound familiar. And many of them are international desserts.

Without further ado, here are 12 desserts that begin with the letter X.

1. Xangos (Mexican Cheesecake)

Xangos, or fried cheesecake chimichangas, is a delicious Mexican dessert often served with whipped cream or ice cream.

It is made of tortilla wraps filled with fruit (like banana) and cream cheese and baked or air-fried.

The Mexican dessert xango is a creamy treat topped with cinnamon sugar and served with warm caramel.

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2. Xoi La Cam

Desserts that start with X - Xoi La Cam

Purple Sticky Rice from Vietnam (Xoi La Cam) is a sweet version of glutinous rice. Magenta leaves are boiled with rice grains which naturally turns the rice grains purple or magenta.

People often eat xôi for breakfast on the go and as a snack in Vietnam.

3. Xuixo Pastry

Desserts that start with X - Xuixo Pastry

Xuixo is a viennoiserie pastry from the Spain. It is a deep-fried, sugar-coated cylindrical pastry filled with cream.

In Catalonia, Spain, bakers put crema catalana (Spanish crème brûlée) in dough that looks like a croissant, deep fry it, and sprinkle sugar on it.

It’s kind of like a cross between a churro croissant croissant, but it’s filled with cream.

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4. Xiāng Jiāo Dàn Gāo (Banana Bread)

Desserts that start with X - xiāng jiāo dàn gāo

Xiangjiao is Chinese for banana. Make some banana bread for dessert.

This is an EXTREMELY easy banana bread recipe. It takes about 10 minutes to mix up the batter,

So easy!

5. Xiaodianxin (Cookies)

Desserts that start with X - Xiaodianxin

Xiaodianxin is a butter cookie made without eggs. In Chinese, xiaodianxin means “cookie”. These almond cookies are made for the Lunar New Year to bring good luck.

6. Xi Gua Lao

Desserts that start with X - Xi Gua Lao

Xi gua lao is a Beijing-style traditional Chinese dish. In the summer, it is a thickened and chilled watermelon soup. Or a jelly dessert made with watermelon, cherries, vanilla, and agar.

7. Xingren Donfu

Desserts that start with X - Xingren Donfu

A popular dessert in China and Beijing consists of almond or kernel milk, agar or gelatin, and sweetened with sugar.

8. X-mas Cake

Desserts that start with X - X-Mas Cake

Christmas cake is a type of cake, often fruitcake, served at Christmas time in many countries.

9. Xigua Popsicles

Desserts that start with X - Xigua Popsicles

An African watermelon, xigua can be cut up and made into popsicles by freezing it or just eaten plain at your next picnic.

10. Xylocarp Cake

A xylocarp is a type of fruit with a tough outer shell. Coconuts are an example of a xylocarp. Coconut cake is a delicious cake made featuring xylocarp fruit.

11. Xurros

Desserts that start with X - Xurros

A true Spanish xurro is thin and must be piped using a star-shaped funnel tip. Churros can be found in cafes throughout Spain. Churros (also known as xurros) are a popular street food in Mexico and America.

These fried dough treats originate from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.

12. X-mas Cookies

Desserts that start with X - X-mas cookies

X-mas (Christmas) cookies/biscuits are traditionally sugar cookies or biscuits cut into various shapes related to Christmas.

The Christmas cookie tradition is to put out cookies for Santa Claus and his flying reindeer.

13. Xocolatl Drink

Desserts that start with X - Xocolatl

This spicy Aztec drink is the inspiration for modern ‘Hot Chocolate’. Mayans enjoyed drinking chocolate made with water, cornmeal, and chili around 1500BC. It was rich, bitter, and served cold. It was poured between cups to make it frothy. Hot chocolate is perfect with dessert.

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